What is SmartTM  

SmartTM is simply the Best GTD application that you’ve ever found!

  • Think and gather info in Evernote. Empty Your Head.

  • Process all info automatically in a smart way according to the GTD® methodology. Implement “Inbox Zero” rule in easy way.

  • Manage your task using smart tools.

  • Stay up to date. Review your calendars, project and action lists. Never forget anything with reminders and make sure you are using your time efficiently with the smart weekly review.

  • Implement your plan. Let your creativity once again spread its wings.

     Why GTD® ?  

    Focus on the main goals – it’s a basic principle of the many theories of time management.  But how do we define the purpose and then implement it effectively if our time is filled with a million tasks of varied importance, responsibilities and things to do, which bother us and take our valuable time. This problem has been solved by David Allen – founder of Getting Things Done® methodology – one of the most ground-breaking theories of time management. This philosophy is based on collecting things and managing lists of tasks and projects, and its basic message is to act, not just think.

    One reason for Allen’s method’s popularity is its flexibility – it offers a process that can be implemented in many ways. Even with just a pen and paper? Sure! But who still uses pen and paper these days? These days smartphones, iPad or computers are the chosen tools which help us get through our busy days.



    Plan your life


    Whatever you are doing, you are business man, freelancer, or you are raising your kids.

    Every single day we suffer from planning problems. There are million of things what we need to plan, remember, execute.

    Cross-Platform Experience


    We all are using iPads/iPhones and Personal computer during our day.

    SmartTM is are offering iOS and WEB versions. Soon to our family will join an Android version.

    Popular calendar integration


    When asked SmartTM  can connect to your’s favorite calendar service.

    Right now users can use Google Calendar, iCal or even Microsoft Exchange calendar service via one click!


    Use your Evernote Brain

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    SmartTM is synchronizing your “Stuff” from Evernote account. During synchronization you can choose if you want load notes with special TAG or from proper Notebook.


    Business notebooks support

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    SmartTM is not only used by individuals, we know many companies that are using it.

    When you are an Startup you need to be flexible. You need to plan your actions every day.

    Use SmartTM with Business Notebooks 2.0 integration.


    Stick to the winners

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    SmartTM is Winner of several competitions. Thanks to fantastic design, ease of use and users we are on top.

    Why not to join?

     User reviews  

    • If there is a task program out there, I have used it and until now, have not been happy or productive. Finally I have found SmartGTD! A way to make tasks from my Evernote notes that go to my calendar! It's that easy. (..) And most importantly if you have a question or suggestion, the support is listening. You won't be disappointed, download today and get started doing things right from the start!
      Can’t believe I have found a program that works the way I do!
    • I found a GTD system for Evernote online, whose tutorials applied to an older version. It never worked well. Alerts just confused things. I tended to make everything "now," and forgot about "later." Well this won't let you. You can make honest-to-goodness GTD commitments, and this thing looks like it'll hold you to it! (...)
      Nice start!
    • I have been a fan of GTD and Evernote for some time. Finally there is an easy app that can talk to each other and work great together and is specially designed for the GTD methodology. The SmartTM app works flawlessly. (...)
      Great app for GTD
    • (...) I started playing around with it and quickly decided to make it my task HQ. It still needs an iPhone variant and a solid IPhone-Ipad sync. Very intuitive and stable already, it just needs some fine-tuning and, a robust direct email link but emailing through Evernote.
    • For about four years I have been experimenting with Gtd. I have never been able to use Evernote for that purpose. But now this app allows me to do so. It is understandable usable and compels me to sharpen my Focus concerning projects things I want to do. (...)
      1st gtd app I have liked
    • This app does a great job of leveraging the GTD task methodology with the note support of Evernote. I'd tried using GTD with Evernote alone, and while possible, was always a bit clunky. This app is one of the few I've ever seen that really understands and implements the GTD approach well. The Evernote connection is a great bonus. (...)
      GTD + Evernote = a perfect combo